Essay: Life after prison-Ethical Considerations

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According to Beauchamp, (1982, p. 11), this forms one of the major determinants of whether information gathered will be of genuinely desired quality. The use of human subject in social research has tremendously experience many problems especially in matters that are confidential and psychological for that matter. Research organizations have chosen to come up with several regulatory guidelines that govern this exercise. Such institution is the ethics committees commonly referred to as Institutional Review Boards (IRB’s) (Tarling, 2006, p. 57).

In this research, I gave participants two forms which would allow me collect data more easily. The first was a participant information sheet, which indicated the reasons why the research was being done. I also highlighted what the interview was all about clearly stating what I intend to do with the findings after I had collected them. This was to dispel any fears that the data collected could be used later to cause harm to the respondents given the fact that they were ex-offenders. This attempt was meant to assure the respondents that the information collected was confidential and would not be made public whatsoever. To make the exercise more intellectual and participant friendly, I indicated that participation was voluntary and information would only be collected from those people willing to do so. Therefore, I indicated to the respondents that they were free to withdraw their participation if they so wished. No particular data related to the individual affairs such as what implications are suffered by his dependants in relation to job discriminations. Particular details on individual’s incarceration were avoided as this would sound more of a criminal interrogation rather than a professionally drafted interview on the real issue which is unemployment and self-esteem in regard to one being labeled an ex-offender.

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