Essay: To Face Fear and Conquer it

Sample Essay

A final piece of the Western man is to be courageous enough to counter his fears. In the West, a cowboy must be able to face fear and conquer it. The greatest kind of fear that supersedes all is the fear of death (Odyssey 73). It is a present reality that man should always be ready to deal with. Presently, the west is a wild and untamed place for everyone and there is no central law; the only law is the law that is made by the self.

Being a man in the Western perspective means having the courage to individually face the reality and accomplish different missions fearlessly. Despite facing these challenges, the man is expected to continue with life normally (Brooke 71). The fear of death is inimical in the Western, both in vistas and in name. The conventional land is illustrated by towering rock and lots of land where life is missing. It is a reflection of death that is represented by names like deadwood and Tombstone (Tomkins, 24).

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