Essay: Exceptional Los Angeles

Sample Essay

Considered an exception from other metropolitans in the United States, Los Angeles has been regarded as exceptional by most scholars. However, they have rendered the city and its issues as merely illustrative failing to consider the realities of this exceptionality.Indeed this exceptionality requires a new and holistic approach such as the postmodernist theory. This is because the exceptionality found in Los Angeles involves a myriad of complications which are very intense. The micro geography of Los Angeles as asserted by Dear (2000, p.14) is finely variegated that it can only be understood through the accretion of the center. This social heterogeneity encourages the creation of distinct local sovereignties. An aspect which is best understood under the impressions of a postmodernist analyst. A look at the architecture of Los Angeles does not display any form of special effect in identifying the city but this knowledge is sidelined by the heterogeneity of Los Angeles’ architecture. Scott and Soja (1996, p.48) refer to Los Angeles as a type of a heteropolis where architects have embraced pluralism and are ready to exploit varieties and different forms of architecture. Postmodernist approaches are similarly ready to embrace the heterogeneity of Los Angeles architecture as they are guided by an ability to anticipate and appreciate uniqueness and diversity. Los Angeles architecture will never at one time be dominated by any single style. In fact, any previous attempts to establish distinct architectural codes have failed in the past as a result of the inclusiveness of diverse architectural concepts. Even though postmodernist theorists are credited for proliferating urban politics, they are still instrumental in instilling more analytical conceptualizations to the modernistic approach (Davies and Imbroscio, 2009, p.214). With this insight it becomes paramount that postmodernism urban analysis is definitive of Los Angeles as a subject in this postmodern society.

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