Essay: Exegesis in Religious and Theological Environment

Sample Essay

Exegesis in religious and theological environment refers to the aspect of bringing out the original meaning of the passage as intended by the author. To this effect the message put across by St. Mark in his gospel writing about the cross has a lot of meaning to the theological world.

However the context varies in terms of the focus, intention of the writer, literal structure, historical and theological environment or the audience (Karl 2005).

In the theological context of the cross teaching study, it should be noted that the content of cross is discussed in a way that is indirect through discussing the times major events.  For instance the teaching about the cross in the book of Mark is encrypted from the perspective and teaching about the crucification of Jesus. While the teachings in the book of Romans is through the message of the salvation shift from the human flesh to that of grace and faith in the sacrificial lamb (Karl 2005: 217).  However it is a point of worthy to note that both scriptures mention and points out the concept of cross not though not really related n the context and intent message.

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