Essay: Ethical Considerations for Spine Manipulation Therapies

Sample Essay

This form one of the major determinants of whether information gathered will be of genuinely desired quality. The use of human subject in social research has tremendously experience many problems especially in matters that are confidential, research organizations have chosen to come up with several regulatory guidelines that govern this exercise. Such institution is the ethics committees commonly referred to as Institutional Review Boards (IRB’s) (Merriam, 1998, p. 69).

Several codes of research ethics were observed throughout this proposal. They include honesty, integrity, objectivity, carefulness, confidentiality, authentic publication procedures, legality, social responsibilities among others. In this research, the respondent will be assured of ethical practice in the event of data acquisition. Personal information related to the respondents such as family background will be avoided. Permission to carry out the survey from respondents will be requested on time to allow smooth and efficient data collection.

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