Essay: What is Essentialism

Sample Essay This documents aims to highlight the gender based issues that are prevalent in the workplace from two points of view, the social constructionist and the essentialist. The social constructionist point of view is based on the observation on how the phenomena pertaining to gender inequality takes place and is generated to the development in the society and culture. It tends to depict gender inequality in terms of traditional role of the genders in the society and how they affect the personality and the perspective of the people in the current society. The historical and cultural aspect of the topic is taken into consideration through the social constructionist point of view. The main objective of the constructionist point of view is that it is aimed at uncovering how the individuals and the groups tend to participate in the creation of their perceptions of gender and women in the work place. The essentialist is actually the opposite of the social constructionist. The essentialist tends to take the entity or the phenomena as a characteristic of its traits. Essentialism tends to select only one source of the women’s identity like the gender and based all its observations on that.
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