Essay: Organisation In Relation To Health Care

Sample Essay

The understanding of the organisations involves gender, power and culture. In this regard, Power is seen to be a complex social structural phenomenon that have been developed by social and scientific discourses that have implicated an impact on subjectivity and on the reality construction.

Historically up to date, healthcare management is still much concerned with new ways of steering and power structures. Since the sector is characterised by a bureaucratic tradition and professional hierarchy. On this issue of power navigation in the healthcare sector states that in healthcare sector today Competence is nowadays at the heart of that sociodicy due to Dominant groups always need a sociodicy of their own privilege.

Culture is described as a process of reality construction that allows people to see and understand particular events, objects, situation or actions in distinctive ways. Organization with a competing and divergent value systems results to creation of the mosaic of organisation realities. However, the diverse professional groups within healthcare sector may each have different views of nature of their healthcare’s business and the world. In this situations, leaders are looked upon to play pivotal and a defining role in shaping the future and career paths of the other workers.

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