Essay: Employment of Expertise in Mortgage Industry in US

Sample Essay

Good leadership normally demand that the leaders command authority and power to make strategic decisions in the business market. It is also crucial that only expertise with skills in the industry and in other related industries get to be employed.

The expertise would help in ensuring that proper and more efficient business management approaches are employed (Cocke 2008). Interpersonal skills are also crucial for the transformation of the business environment. Proper education ought to be carried out so that both the investors, mangers and the home owners become more familiar with the detailed issues pertaining to the industry.

United States of America Mortgage lending is a major business category in the country. The continued decline in performance of the industry is a revelation that the management of the industry has not been able to adequately address the challenges faced in the industry. To correct the past mistake already committed, there is needed to do a total overhaul of the management and strategic board of governors.

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