Essay: Endowment of Natural Desire for Good

Sample Essay

Will has as its object the good, as noted above. So, it cannot be argued that laws by themselves make man good but that s/he is endowed with a natural desire for the good.  Laws, therefore act as a reminder to man on his duty to do well and to intend good.

Prior to laws entrenched in the penal code (civil laws) man ought to be governed by the natural law. In this regard, man in a state without laws has got no reason to violate the good of others. By virtue of his/her endowment with natural law s/he has the disposition to do well and to promote common good as such. As Aquinas notes, the natural law is a participation in the wisdom and goodness of God by the human person, formed in the image of the Creator. The natural law expresses the dignity of the person and forms the basis of human rights and fundamental duties.

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