Essay: Youth is the eye of the community

Sample Essay

Turning back to the principles of youth citizenship above where the youth are instead made to be the eyes of the community as far as policing and public safety is concerned; it can still work when the police institutions take into account the inherent potentialities in the youths. Recall what was mentioned earlier long that the police ought to understand the beliefs and systems governing a particular group or crowd before executing its policing mandate.

In still the same way, they ought to understand the mind set and the governing system of the youths. Why not turn their energy, flexibility or swiftness, and their struggle for self-discovery into something useful in promotion of public safety? Instead of using their energy to destroy property they can convert it into defense skills that in turn destroy the criminals. To give even a more comic example, instead of taking advantage of their swiftness and flexibility in escaping the police through good runs, they can use this swiftness and flexibility in chasing after thieves. In deed, this example sounds funny but it tries to drive a very essential point here. That much is not in the physical reaction of the youths to crime but it is more in changing their attitude. They need to feel that the fight against public disorder is not only for their own good as youths but it is their responsibility. Therefore a heavy police presence in learning institutions like universities or colleges should not seem as if it is against the youths but should be an invitation to them in being agents of public safety. The presence of the police should be a direct invitation to the youths in the contribution of good policing governance and execution.

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