Essay: Weaknesses of ford motor company

Sample Essay

However, in my opinion, there are various recommendations which Ford needs to consider in order to maximize its profits Ford must capitalize all the new cars it is introducing into the market.  This will require extensive advertisement of its products, selling the products at reasonable prices and introducing variety car models to satisfy the diverse tastes and expectations of different customers.

Apart from releasing many vehicles into the market, the company must do a thorough research to ensure that the cars meet the customer’s expectations and wants in terms of price, appearance and its overall performance.  If Ford is able to meet all its customers needs, it will be gain a larger market share and will be in a better position than its competitors.

In addition, Ford should stop using reverse engineering in development of its automobiles since this makes it lag behind its competitors.  Stealing its competitor’s ideas does not make its products any better as it relies on already used concepts.  It should instead maintain the trend of innovation and setting the pace for the rest in this industry.

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