Essay: Understanding women’s needs

Sample Essay

The study chose to use qualitative research methods in understanding women’s needs and their feelings on the services offered by businesses. Qualitative research is suitable in such studies which seek to understand issues comprehensively and whose qualitative data cannot accomplish the same. As asserted by Ragin (1994, p.83) qualitative research emphasizes on in-depth knowledge and a refined elaboration of images, concepts and overall perceptions.

In the study, the qualitative research methods used were the questionnaire and interview methods. All these methods were web based with most of the participants being required to access web services and undertake the interviews. The web survey posted in the consultancy group’s website attracted more than 12 000 women from a vast range of geographies. The survey contained a questionnaire with 120 questions about different aspects of women’s lives. Such aspects included homes, careers, education, relationships, interests and activities among others. This form of survey gives anonymity to participants who then feel uncompromised in answering the questions given. In addition it targets a wide range of participants and thus increases the validity of research results as participants are diverse and unbiased.  The web survey was in tandem with the research goal as the questions addressed the research problem and even heightened the research’s effect through a diversified response.

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