Essay: Types of acquisitions

Sample Essay

Hadely (2001) illustrates three main types of acquisition of these activities. They include, first, comprehension activities like listening the comprehension practice without requirements for the students to speak in the intended language, secondly, the early speech productions like answering yes-no questions or answering more personalized questions in which a single word is required and thirdly, the speech emergence in which games are used.

The teacher’s role is somehow demanding as they constantly have to provide comprehensible inputs usually in the form of a modified language. The teacher’s view is seen by Rodgers (2001) as an act of some sort. A teacher is a leading source of input for the learners and has to present this in a very low anxiety. The role played by the teacher in corrective feedback is very minimal (Hadely, 2001).

The role of the learner is to attempt acquiring the L2 by being part of the meaningful communication activities in minimum anxiety environment. This demands the learners to be fully involved in the language to be what a guesser (Rodgers, 2001). Materials should be available to provide comprehension and communication in the process of reflecting the objectives. Other than using textbooks the approach, one should put himself to using real life materials and pictures and their examples.

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