Essay: Theory and Concept of Solution Focused Therapy

Sample Essay

The fundamental of SFT is engaging in a solution talk over a problem talk in order to achieve change of status of the patient (Swanson, 1997, pp. 217). Thus, this change attainment is based upon potentials, resources, system perspective, social constructivism and capacities inherent in human beings.  Crucially, as influenced by social constructivism; SFT assumes that solutions are as a result of how an individual develops hers or his views about world view or reality.

In this case the person shall be able to resist, avoid, and fight against violence (Sebold, Uken, 1996, pp. 84). Through being assisted by psychotherapist to be curious about fluctuations in life, hence one can notice, identify, amplify, sustain, and reinforce these exceptions to the violent times regardless of how small and/or infrequent they may be in life time.

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