Essay: The well being of the society

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For instance, by reaching out to the community through activities like helping the poor and offering human services, the overall wellbeing of the society is enhanced. The psychological effect that accompanies such activities enhances co-existence through appreciation of each other. Additionally, as indicated earlier, when the drug addicts reach out to the communities, they are likely to alter the communities’ perception of them as killers, rapists and violent people to positive perceptions. This also enhances social cohesion and reduces the conflicts that occur as a result of the initial destructive activities that the addicts once engaged in.

In his study, Hilton (2002) likens the concept of actions in spirituality to roots and fruits. He points out that true spirituality is represented by the roots which provide critical support for the tree to grow and bear fruits. In this regard, he argues that spirituality can be manifested through actions, just like the bearing of fruit by a tree indicates the strength and dedication of the roots by ensuring that the tree is well nourished. The people who perceive spirituality as to be related to religion often believe that true faith is manifested through actions. These actions are derived from the teachings about the specific religion.

Assuming that the same belief is held by addicts and other health patients, Hilton (2002) indicates that it can be affirmed that the improvement of behavior of these people is highly influenced by the spiritual beliefs. In this respect, it can be contended that spirituality plays an important role in helping persons with compulsive behavior like drug addicts to modify their conduct. It should be appreciated that this forms part of the core goals and objectives of therapy.

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