Essay: Smithfield Food case

13 Mar

Essay: Smithfield Food case

Sample Essay

The CEO of the company, Larry Pope has seen tumultuous times with the company but in the 2009 annual report, he appears encouraged by restructuring plans and dealing with possible disease threats which may help business recover (Reuters, 2010). Smithfield Food has a mission focused towards producing quality food, through operations that are ethical in nature and ultimately help add value for the shareholders.

In this regard, a commitment to stakeholders is recognized as essential towards achieving the goals with special emphasis on customers, community and the employees (Annual Report 2009). This report seeks to explore the HR problems facing the company and any possible alterations that may be brought about to rectify things.

One of the major problems facing the company in the HR department has related to labor unions. There have been reports of involvement of the management in the affairs of the unions and string pulling to influence decisions that are made within the hierarchy of the unions.

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