Essay: Miami School Negotiations

Sample Essay

Today school management and administration tasks are increasingly becoming complex in nature. As a result, the administrators are faced with a daunting task of ensuring that there managerial approach addresses all stakeholders issues by involving them in solution finding mission. This is no different from the scenario of Miami School which needs to redraw its school boundaries.  In such occurrence, the issue becomes a social dilemma in the sense that various stakeholders need their competing views to be satisfactorily addressed.

For instance, redrawing Miami school boundaries due to student population influx has witnessed the parents as major stakeholders to be unhappy and express their concerns. The parents concerns that deem it necessary to structure negotiation modalities and strategies to address them are: increased travel time, impact on property values, quality of education, the resultant social impacts on children, and crossing cultural and economic boundaries. These concerns by parents are essential in relation to quality education of their children and ought to be addressed.  In this regard, this paper shall discuss the implications of the parent’s concerns, determine who are the stakeholders, identify best negotiation strategy to be employed and evaluate the impact of cultural and ethnic difference on decision arrived at.

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