Essay: Main Policies of Nurses Union Kenya

Sample Essay

Among its main policies was to ensure that peace prevails in the country again besides offering medical to all the people who fell victims of the political violence, this idea was highly supported by all the peace loving citizens, but of late, the group has gotten divided due to political interference by some political leaders who are trying to influence the decision of the senior management.

Some political leaders are said to have offered some nurses some bribes so that they could invest more resources in their regions and neglect others. Efforts by the management to hold the group together have fallen in deaf ears. The group has ended up creating very negative image in the general public and the media has further diversified this issue. The end results are that some donors have ended up withdrawing their support for the group and some nurses have resigned from the organization.

a committee led by a senior government officer has since then been constituted to investigate deep into the matter and reveal the people responsible for collapse of the group and  take legal action against them for their evil deeds.

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