Essay: Language accessibility and flexibility in books

Sample Essay

Language accessibility and flexibility in the electronic books facilitates easy understanding of the materials written regardless of the cultural practices, race, tribe or the language preferences of the readers. There is currently electronic websites which enable translation of books from one language to the other (Joseph & Clayton 2005, pp.23-53). When purchasing books through the online systems-, the customers are given the rare privilege of choosing the preferred language they would wish to have the books in.

Ease of distribution of the electronic materials as opposed to the physical transfer of the printed materials. It is much easier for the authors of electronic books to publish and carry out sales and marketing of their books through online systems. Dispersion of online books for free normally stimulates the sales and marketing process of the printed versions of books. Unlike the purchase of printed books which the buyer has to go to the bookshops, an electronic book can be purchased and downloaded then read within a very short time using a brief process. There is normally no time wasted waiting for the delivery of books to be done.

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