Essay: Lack of Cooperation from the Project Team

Sample Essay

Moreover, lack of cooperation from the project team members would derail the rate at which the project goals would be achieved. This would in turn pose the risk of underachievement and the project taking much time than was anticipated in the initial stages. Political instability could also cause the risk of incurring more costs in the effort to enhance security of the entire project planning process.

More money would have to be invested in the entire process in order to ensure that sensitive materials and other project management planning process resources are fully safeguarded (Hubbard 2009, pp.1-56). Poor time management is another risk which could result in under achievement of the project goals. Additionally, some risks could be inherent from the previous organizational projects that were carried out. Such risks compromise the standard of the current project and could easily lead to underachievement of the final targeted goals of the team.

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