Essay: Hygiene services at work

Sample Essay

In addition to these, managers are entitled to see that their employees are accorded with high standard hygienic services in their working environment, competitive salaries and sound company policies. A good company on the other hand will provide room for individual growth and advancement to more responsibility. It should offer its workers with job security and condusive working relationship that promote socialization amongst employees to make the place of work to be as interesting as possible.

One of the methods applied in his organization was the inclusion of co-curricular activities like games to foster good socialization. Michael always ensured that the tasks mandated to each employee was within attainable mark to avoid overburdening or forcing workers to work for long hours denying their outside social life. He noted that large volumes of work were likely to put pressure on the employees and consequently result to their unhappiness. According to the manager, one worker was specifically assigned too many tasks which coincidentally, she was able to accomplish. However, in achieving this, she had to work for long hours in a day and travel widely which consumed part if her private time. Though the management felt that she should be satisfied by responsibility completion; she felt sad and misused and at one point had to request to be relieved of her duty.

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