Essay: English Hotel Industry for football teams

Sample Essay

Football in England has indeed greatly contributed to a great extend the manner in which the United Kingdom’s hotel industry operates. Various football teams have made it a norm to settle in the English hotels for a few days especially is they have a serious football match in a far location.

This has made the hotel industry in the country to develop special facilities for the football clubs so as to continuously attract them by meeting their needs. Most hotels in England have diverse facilities that enhancing some basic training for the football teams in and those outside the country. This practice encourages the football clubs to frequent the hotels due to the additional benefit of training facilities that are offered by the hotels in the country. To the contrary, Nigeria’s hotel industry do not greatly benefit from sports. The considerably low level of football and the un-established and underdeveloped standards of football has does not give the hotel industry the greatly desired opportunity to benefit from the hotel industry in the country. This difference on the benefit of the sporting activities in the two countries affects the manner in which the two countries benefit from sports on very different scales. The existing environments in the two countries and the climatic conditions that are very different have impacted on the hotel industry in very unique ways.

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