Essay: Effects of Divorce on Infants

Sample Essay

Infants are not seriously affected by divorce in the initial stages. This is due to the fact that the infant may not even know at the time that the parents are divorcing. However some of these develop complications in the later years in case the divorce was not well coordinated and visitation rights not well formulated.

In addition matters concerning the children’s educational and medical matters need to be addressed before finalizing the divorce. Due to the fact that these children have not yet gone to school it is necessary to have them put on an insurance policy that will cover their educational needs (DeBord, 1997)

Children between the age of three and five have been seen to also bear some form of distress. Many psychologists believe that these children often blame themselves for their parents’ divorce. In many cases they believe that if they were more cooperative or receptive their parents would not have divorced. As a result they may develop depression, become uncooperative or be aggressive. Since these children have not yet developed a complex mental status it is important to make sure that these children do not come face to face with their parents fights. If possible it would be necessary to have them stay with a close family friend before the divorce between their parents is legally finalized.

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