Writing a dissertation

I do not intend to write the dissertation on my own because it involves thorough research. I will have to get the assistance of five members in my project steering team who will help in ensuring that the project we are dealing with aligns with the project management strategies. Two of the members will be from the firm, which will be the implementing agency so that they can inform us of the problems the firm is facing. Since the implementation agency has to be a firm, the PST will ensure that the chosen topic focuses on the needs of both the firm as well as those of the employees.

It will also help the managers initiating the project with the best strategies to apply to ensure its success. The decision of initiating the project comes from the steering team while maintaining awareness of the external effects the project might bring. In case other projects arise in the firm, the steering team has to prioritize the one to precede the others. In times when problems arise, the PST team is responsible for solving any escalated issues among making other major issues. The PST will not only select the sponsors to provide us with the funds, but will also estimate the budgets, and determine the other resources to be used and the way to acquire them. The PST will also help in training the employees from the implementing firm to ensure that they are aware of the implementation process (Harrison & Lock 188).

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