Research Paper on Literature and Psychoanalysis

11 Feb

Research Paper on Literature and Psychoanalysis

Literature and Psychoanalysis

A lot of students do have questions about how literature and psychoanalysis connect with each other. In theoretical terms, literature and psychoanalysis related to each other through literary criticism. What is literary criticism? It dates back to the time of World World 2 in terms of chronology and highlights market penetrating professions and related practices adopted by humans.  According to further details of how literature and psychoanalysis relate, casual readers do not exist anymore. People who have a habit of reading are the ones who go through every piece of detail.

The connection that literature shares with psychoanalysis throws light on schools of criticism and how they differ from each other. The opinions of critical experts show that human roles differed on the basis of sexual orientation, race and religion. In this scenario, the practices and mindset of Freud are given a lot of importance. He was a psychoanalytic and a lot of people followed him. He filtered the thoughts presented in different literature forms and used them for in-depth psychoanalysis. This is exactly how literary criticism was born.

In accordance with a lot of authors, the contrast between literature and psychoanalysis actually began when the Romantic English novels came on the scene in the 19th century.  This is specifically when the concept of literary criticism was born.  At this time, literature was taken as a purpose to support scientific development, express religious sentiments and serve various other purposes.

With the passage of time, literature has revolutionized a lot and being taught in some of the major institutions of United Kingdom. What is psychoanalysis and when did it get recognized as an important theoretical interpretation. It relates to the thoughts, teachings and projections made by Sigmund Freud. People started to accept and follow what he came up with. Gradually, all this took the form of a revolution.

In accordance with the basis of psychoanalysis, every human being has desires in the unconscious state. These feelings are portrayed when people experience different situations which can be either positive or negative. Other than that, theories presented by Freud are used by medical experts to treat mental problems like depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder. Depending on the condition that patients are in, psychoanalysts recommend 2 to 5 sessions per week which involve examination through different theories of Sigmund Freud. A typical session would involve the patient relaxing on a couch while the medical expert would be nothing down observations.

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