Report on Coronavirus in Italy

20 May

Report on Coronavirus in Italy

Italy has already surpassed China by registering 3,405 deaths, while Spain continues to rise and has about 830 people dead. After the rapid spread of the new Covid-19 coronavirus, several countries have taken preventive actions to avoid contagion and attend to confirmed cases, however, Italy and Spain are the European nations with the most registered patients, until this Thursday, for a total of 58,998 and only 5,547 recovered.

As for deaths, the latest official update reveals that in Italy it has already surpassed China, registering 3,405 deaths, 160 more than in the Asian nation; while Spain continues to rise and has some 830 deceased people. But what has happened in these countries so that their numbers of fatalities exceed those of the nation of origin of the virus? Italy was the first to suffer the spread of the coronavirus last January, and on March 18 it registered its worst day with 475 deaths.

According to Hong Kong University Professor of Epidemiology, Benjamin Cowling, while other countries monitored more than 10,000 people a day, identifying cases since they had mild symptoms, Italy was nowhere near that number. He also explained that Italy focused its tests on those very sick people in hospitals, prioritizing serious and risky cases, but “if they were monitoring the community in general, even those with mild symptoms, they would find many more cases and the gravity would be much lower. Therefore, he considers that one of the reasons why Italy is a country with so much impact of the coronavirus, has been the lack of accounting or timely control of cases.

Italy was the first European country where the virus reached. In Italy, cases have already been confirmed in each of its 20 regions. Upon identifying the first cases, the Ministry of Health revealed that the virus had been circulating in the country since mid-January, however, the first infected did not require medical attention and therefore, the coronavirus did not represent a real problem.