Essay-The start of sterilization in America

Sample Essay

Historically, at the turn of the 20th century when American economy was doing well as a result of successful industrialization processes, there was an emergency of the influx of immigrants and overpopulation of middle and lower working class migrating from eastern and southern Europe (Lombardo 2008).

This social composition changes lead to the emergence of elevated elite class or high class strata made of doctors, economists and scientists at that era of invention. Thus, this elite carder of high class and influential persons to the government sought a larger role for the American federal government to address the growing inner-city issues of crime, hunger and poverty awakened by Industrialization (Mill 2006). These high class carder individuals who coded themselves as “social visionaries” invested their hope for solution in science to solve these social problems. In this respect, the “social visionaries” asserted that the social challenges such as prostitution, poverty, crime, birth defects, alcoholism, and ignorance are a result of defective genes. Therefore, scientific approach towards solving the challenge according to them “social visionaries” was best, hence eugenics proposed.

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