Essay: The World Intelligence Services after 9/11

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Finally, the necessity to make sure that there is public oversight of the intelligence community will boost information processing and arriving at the best security decisions. It is a fact that in history several intelligence organizations have been used to settle political scores and meet other evil ends. Mossad of Israel, CIA of United States, and KGB of Russia have all been blamed for committing crimes in several parts of the world (Sheptycki 2004 p.398). This is mainly because their governments come up with policies which are most likely to be formulated without using information from the security agencies but rather politics.

It is evident that the numerous security actions taken especially by the us in the Arab world are likely to be based on policies drafted in the office rather than policy drafted basing on the available information with the security agencies. This is a very serious crisis as many countries are able to realize that (Rengert 1992 p. 399). The highly contested battle in the US leadership is a good pointer that the foreign policies of this great nation is bleeding especially in terms of international security issues.

This means that the analysis from these security agents is not used in the most informative way as it should resulting into security compromises costing too much money and lives. It is therefore advisable to base policy making meaning tat security data analysis should strongly be informative.

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