Essay: World cup football matches in Africa

Sample Essay

Globally, for the first time Africa was given the opportunity to host world cup football matches. This was a good experience that our people have experienced because the perception that Africa should be segregated was eroded by making such great decisions. This event has changed my perception about Africans and I now consider all people equal. In fact, success of the world cup was a perfect confirmation that all people have equal potential irrespective of their nationality.

In conclusion, I can say that I have experienced great things in my life for the last five years. It is during this period that I was able to develop a foundation in future career as well as transform my life completely. My perception about African-Americans and Africans in general has changed with the election of a new president in our country as well as hosting football matches in South Africa. It is for these reasons that I can say that I have experienced success and challenges in pursuit of education, work, sports and politics while maintaining good relationship with the people I live with.

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