Essay: Workshops and Training Sessions

17 Oct

Essay: Workshops and Training Sessions

Sample Essay

Working virtues like team building are learnt very well in workshops and training sessions. This is because such arrangements bring together people from different areas, who assist one another in identifying their weaknesses and collectively agreeing on possible solutions (Edwards, 2009, p. 57). Professional workshops that focus on intellectual knowledge help in sharpening skills and performance improvement techniques.

Others like corporate events such as charity enable employees to mingle with colleagues from different fields and at the same time with the public. Edwards (62) asserts that his help in researching and establishing demand trends and preferences by various quotas thus help in formulating new approaches. Training sessions help re-engineer working designs and at the same time enriching it with new and easier approaches. Career cancelling is also provided for at such gatherings. This further gives the necessary professional guidance in various fields ensuring professional developments.

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