Essay: Whitman’s chocolate

Sample Essay

Whitman’s Chocolate is brought out as a delicious and tasty product. The smiles on the three portraits are realistic and genuinely amplify the powerful emotional uplift that is expected in the Whitman’s chocolate. The lady at the top of the picture is shown to be the presentation of Whitman’s chocolate as a special sumptuous Easter event especially with her delicious smiling and satisfying bite of the product itself.

She is supposed to epitomize Whitman’s chocolate as a special social snack product that brings about enjoyment as one shares it with his or her friends during Easter holidays. There are three flowers duplicating the triangle shape formed by the girls in the advertisement though in a reversed position. On the right hand, the two girls are close to the central chocolate package and the two flowers at the right equally touch the central chocolate package while the third flower at the bottom is somewhat displaced to touch the lower triangle. The advertisement has three brands of chocolate packages that also form a triangle with the central and top package getting higher eye attention due to strategic position at the centre.

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