Essay: Was Germany responsible for the world war

14 Oct

Essay: Was Germany responsible for the world war

Sample Essay

It is evident with no doubt that the Germany were solely responsible, from the discussion the Austria-Hungary would have been impartial in resolving the matter with between them and the Serbia were it not for the Germanys who emerged and fuelled them to participate and even gave the Austria full backing to attack the Serbia. In   addition they were given blank cheque during that time of crisis to fight the Serbia.

It also important to note that there had been mutual cooperation between the Serbia and the Austria. Conflicts had been solved in the most convectional way. The Germany involvement created enmity between the two countries in which now for the first time the Austria defied the talks and instead. In addition the staffs were involved in the support of the war without the government intervening to stop the crisis. The country wanted to increase its empire and that was the reason they were fighting for the liberation for the Moroccans to separate the France and the Britain who were working in liaisons. Their attempt was to conquer major colonies. It is now evident that the main cause of the Germany war was the competition for the African colonies. As the countries tried to capture as many colonies and cities this triggered the violence as the tried to out do one another.

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