Essay: Wages in the Third World Countries

21 Oct

Essay: Wages in the Third World Countries

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Apparel workers get wages that are not sufficient to satiate their daily basic needs. In El Salvador, for instance, the National Foundation for Development establishes that the average sized Salvadoran family or 3-5 people survive below US Dollars 287.21 monthly. In addition, workers at Doall Enterprises make US Dollars 0.60 per hour. This amount only meets 51% of the basic needs required by every unit family in order to survive in relative poverty (National Labor Committee, 1998).

In s survey conducted by U.S. Commerce Department in February 17, 1998 it indicated that in Honduras is rather insufficient to cater for a decent normal life for a laborer and family. $0.43 hourly, or $3.47 per day, is the wage for apparel workers in the Evergreen factory in Honduras, meeting only 54% of the basic cost of living bearing in mind the 16% increase in inflation in the subsequent year which will lower the purchasing power due to deficit incomes (National Labor Committee, 1998). According to Independent labor rights organizations in Hong Kong, a normal wage in China for survival would be about $0.87 per hour. Minimum wages are set varyingly from one province to the next; however, they never meet the normal living wage. In Shanghai, 0.21 per hour is the minimum wage whereas in Guangzhou’s is $0.26 per hour (Kernaghan, C. 1998). Lastly, in Los Angeles, California, garment workers are paid $7,200 per year, less than ¾ of the poverty level income for a three person family (Los Angeles Commission, 1999).

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