Essay: Vital information about school wellness center

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The second source of data would constitute the archival data presented by the team of internal evaluators. This would be all inclusive and would provide vital information regarding other outcome measures like the number of suspensions, the academic scores and achievements of students and the number of expulsions. In addition, more specific background information including the language, ethnicity, status of English learning, the level of parent education and the socio economic status of the students would be provided.

Data collection would include students using the wellness center and the rest of the students. Representatives would be drawn from all levels of elementary, middle and high school. Follow up would then be done every after a period of six months. In addition, the questionnaire would be employed as a diagnostic tool. In this respect, it would be used to provide vital information to the teachers, wellness staff members and counselors about different developmental benchmarks for the students they serve. In turn, this would provide useful guidelines for the kinds of services and support that would have the greatest impact and enhance healthy development. In other words, it would enable the concerned stakeholders to come up with viable measures that would address the specific needs of the students. Elliot (1998) indicates that this would be imperative for future action and would ensure that the problem at hand is addressed in a sustainable manner.

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