Essay: Victimization and Child abuse

18 Oct

Essay: Victimization and Child abuse

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Another form of victimization is child abuse; characterized by sexual harassment, physical, emotional and psychological injury. This is further caused by neglect by parents, guardian and care takers. Matthew was abused by his parent who adopt him. Kelly Richards (July 2009) report shows that child complainants in the criminal justice system experiences difficulties compared to other complaints.

The complaints make justice process very traumatizing especially when dealing with sexual offences by giving evidence against family members, this comprises large portions of children being victim to sexual assaults. Schreck J. Christopher and Fisher S. Bonnie (September 2004) report that family and peer context influence victimization from routine activities, social structure and demographic features which motivates offenders, attractive targets and ineffective guardian protection.

Victim trauma is a result of painful and physical experienced which has a long life effect on person life. The death of mother and siblings through murder exposed him to traumatic occurrences which had high risk in harming emotional stability.

John Venditto and Jenny Mouzos (June 2006) reported that there is victimization of tourists with risk of homicide. This results from fact that for crime to occur there is a factor motivating offenders, suitable targets, opportunity, convenience and lack of effective protection. Report suggests that tourists display personal and behavioral features increasing the risk of being targeted with crimes such as robbery as suggested by Walklate S. (1997) on risks of victimization. Tourists are targeted in assumption that they are in possession of large sums of money and valuable items, they increase the risk of attack by frequenting night clubs and bars, travelling to dangerous places and language barriers.

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