Essay: Vaughn and Hagaar’s Social Cognitive Model

19 Oct

Essay: Vaughn and Hagaar’s Social Cognitive Model

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The final is the aspect of social competence as in Vaughn and Hagaar’s (1994) model it is the social cognition. the Social-cognitive development could be described as the process in which the changes in the cognitive function of a child which allow him or her to engage in increasingly very complex and potentially more meaningful interactions with others peer groups (Merrell & Gimped, 1998).this is to say that the development and enactment of a Childs social behavior are very closely related to a persons social-cognitive ability.

Therefore, social cognition or what may be termed as social information-processing is a very vital mechanism; this is because it is by these mechanisms that social behaviors and subsequent social competence come about. The importance of such form of association is that id helps in deducing that peer relationship problems may result from faulty social cognitions or social-cognitive deficits, which in turn, lead to further social-behavioral problem and other difficulties (e.g; Sisterhern & Gerber, 1989;Jackson et al., 1987; Strain & Odom, 1985).

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