Essay: USA known for discriminating

19 Oct

Essay: USA known for discriminating

Sample Essay

The United States of America is well known for major cases of discrimination, stereotypes and prejudice since time immemorial. The groups that suffered from discrimination, stereotypes and prejudice were specifically non Americans. The Asian Americans refer to the many groups that had migrated from the Asian continent to the land of America thousands of years ago. These formed the original inhabitants of the American land before the arrival of the Europeans some centuries ago (Massey, 1999).

The Black American group emerged in America after the Spanish exploration expeditions to the new world that had occurred in the 15th century. The Black American community in the US dates back to 1619. The emergence of slavery and slave trade saw the transportation of a quite huge number of Africans to America thus increasing the black American numbers in America. Despite these two groups being inhabitants of America, they suffered all forms of discrimination, prejudice and stereotypes from the Americans (Porché-Burke, 2000).

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