Essay: Need for updating the GARS system

15 Oct

Essay: Need for updating the GARS system

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To sum up the paper there is need to better enhance and update the GARS systems that are currently being used to extract and derive information. This need to embrace technological dynamism is quite evident as demonstrated by the shift of the GARS Program towards using a stereo model. This is generated from remote sensing data that comprises of the JERS-1 RADAR data and SPOT image data.

Whereby this data is integrated with the data from land use, angle of the slope, geology, landslides, exposure to rainfall and drainage patterns. After which obtained data is entered in a GIS to develop geoharzard susceptibility maps.  Major useful data is obtainable at the Canadian, European, Japanese and the USA Space Agencies

This geological application of remote sensing in the global world is vital and fundamental on the three grounds. These grounds are reducing vulnerability of communities at risk to natural hazards, managing natural resources in a sustainable and environmentally sound way and contributing to understanding of global environmental changes and geodynamic. These quantifiable reasons capture the earth’s population welfare and economical dimension.

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