Essay: Uninvolved Parenting Style

18 Oct

Essay: Uninvolved Parenting Style

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Finally, the uninvolved parenting style, when compared to the above three parenting styles, tend to be the worst method of parenting.  Parents who use this method are normally out of tough with the lives of their children. They are both undemanding and unresponsive. Children are given too much freedom and thus tend to borrow very little from the parents whose parenting style is totally hands-off (McKay 2006). The children are likely to be arrogant, unethical and unresponsive. Moreover, the parents normally fail to set limits which ought to be adhered to the children. This explains the reason why the children also fail to understand the value of life due to the total lack of competence in and responsiveness in their lives. Lack of self-esteem is a very common phenomenon to children whose parents use the uninvolved parenting style.


Parents owe good and more responsive parenting to their children. Good parenting does not necessarily means the usage of any method of bringing up children to be respectful through forceful means and intimidation. It entails constant communication between the parent and the child and ensuring that the child is made to understand the environment in which he or she live in, what is right and what is wrong and why that is so, and the right thing to do in every circumstance the child finds himself or herself in (Furedi 2001, pp.210-240). Enhancement of peace and trust among the parents and their children is very fundamental for fostering a good child upbringing environment. Love and understanding should therefore be the guiding principle in bringing up children in the family.

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