Essay: Uneven distribution of population in Nigeria

Sample Essay

Distribution of people in Nigeria is not even. Most the people in country are mainly based around urban centers with the remaining population being located in the rural setup of the country. This definitely determines to a greater extend the manner in which population is spread throughout the country. Additionally, the high population that is based in towns and cities increases the demand for hotel services that improving the general performance of hotels in the country.

At least twenty five cities in Nigeria have a population of more than one hundred thousand people (100 000). It is estimated by the United Nations that the population of Nigeria n the year two thousand and five (2005) would be two hundred and sixty four million (264000000) people (Robert 2004, p.273). This is an indication that unless proper planning on the adequate utilization of the hotel facilities is done, the facilities would continue to be very strained and the standards and quality f services would degrade to a very large extend. The population growth rate of Nigeria in the year two thousand and eight (2008) was 2.5%.

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