Essay: Unequal Substance and Value

21 Oct

Essay: Unequal Substance and Value

Sample Essay

Crito concurs with Socrates in that not all views are of equal substance and value. There are those opinions that are sound and valid and there are those that are flawed and defective. Crito further ascertains that an individual should follow the sound directives of the wise and abandon those of the foolish which are defective and flawed. The body of thought in the wise is built by relevant authorities for the same.

This element of thought is highly upheld in logic and as such, articulated well in the fallacy of argumentum ad verecundiam which means appealing to wrong authorities. Consider the following scenario: a person seeks to find a lasting solution to his mental health. Instead, he goes to a computer programmer for advice and medical prescription. This is ridiculous and very inconsistent, so to speak. No doubt that he needs to see a doctor or a psychiatrist, name them. Consider another example: a group of people sit together to discuss laws in the House of Commons or in the Senate. Some of them are truck drivers; others are professional journalists; others are psychologists and; others are business men just to mention a few.

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