Essay: Unemployment and Low Self-esteem among Ex-offenders

17 Oct

Essay: Unemployment and Low Self-esteem among Ex-offenders

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In the second form, I drafted a consent data that was to be filled by the respondents by indicating what their feeling was about the research. This form also proves that participation was free and that the respondents were fully aware of what the research was all about. This culminated into the five signing the consent form indicating that they were very happy about the whole exercise and that they were looking forward to see the problem of unemployment and low self-esteem among ex-offenders solved.

Personal information related to individuals such as family background was avoided despite the fact that they may play a major role in shaping perceptions on self after imprisonment. Permission to carry out the survey requested and granted on time allowed smooth and efficient data collection. This was doe using the issue of consent forms prior to conducting the interviews. ‘Engaging a well prepared respondent improves the quality of data collected’ (Beauchamp, 1982, p. 15).

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