Essay: UKs Educational Standards

7 Jan

Essay: UKs Educational Standards

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The UK used to be competitive as it was recognised as the first choice for instruction in the English language, and the same probably applied to other higher education institutions in other English speaking countries like Australia, Canada and the US.  However, the flow of information and the need to meet demand have led to other higher education institutions in other countries offering programmes in English.

Examples include Germany and France which offer higher education classes in English (House of Commons 2007).  Whilst this may not be sufficient to displace the UK of its position, as one could say that theUSand other English speaking countries were in competition.  However, one also has to consider that the English is no longer the deciding factor for selecting a higher education institution, as international students consider other factors such as the standard and cost of living.

According to data from the House of Commons (2007 ) theUKis more expensive than other countries and some international students believe that the value for money was not justified.  This will obviously be concern to theUKcentral government and the higher education institutions as it means that their current international marketing strategies have serious shortcoming, especially if the quality of education is not being recognised

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