Essay: The UK police receive one call every minute

20 Oct

Essay: The UK police receive one call every minute

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For instance, Stanko (2000) found out that an estimated 1,300 calls each day accounting for over 570,000 calls each year are made to police concerns domestic violence. Although BCS shows that 40 percent of domestic crimes are reported to police. Therefore, if 1,300 calls a day account on domestic violence which is less than 40 percent of total occurrences, then it means that domestic violence is rampant.

There is significance rate of repeat victimization that is enough to raise the alarm for the subject to be studied and more effective interventions designed. In this regard, repeat victimization is common accounting to over 44% of domestic violence victims involves in more than one incident, which is the highest among all crimes. Furthermore, BCS self-completion module of 2008, found out that domestic violence victims are assaulted by perpetrators they know “commonly women are sexually assaulted by men they know”. In this module, when women were asked about last incidence, the response indicated that 45% of women were assaulted by current partners, 9% of women were raped by former husbands or partners, 29% of women were assaulted by perpetrators that were known to the victim, and only 17% of women respondents were assaulted by strangers.

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