Essay: UK higher Education System

6 Jan

Essay: UK higher Education System

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This created a situation where the UK was recognised as the centre for quality and excellence, and in addition to this, UK qualifications were generally widely accepted, hence the attraction to the UK higher education system.  This system also has its international marketing centrally controlled by the British Council which is the voice and brand ofUKhigher education.

The research confirmed that international marketing had not changed in the sector, bearing in mind that international marketing was centrally controlled and coordinated.  There were other individual institutions that had taken steps to stand out from the rest of the sector by setting up campuses in source countries.  However, as international marketing is coordinated by the British Council, the author believes that the individual institutions are not motivated or driven to be innovative in this area.

According to AEI (2004), Tony Blair launched a campaign in 1999 to increase theUK’s market share of international students, and to be the first choice for higher education by 2005.  The importance of international students especially in higher education cannot be underestimated especially when one looks at the potential earnings resulting from successful marketing campaigns

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