Essay: UK Government and Mutual Product Recognition

21 Oct

Essay: UK Government and Mutual Product Recognition

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The UK government supported the Single Market based on MPR since it rested its backup on the notion that Single European Act would reinforce it. UK additionally, thought that MPR would remove the internal non–tariff barriers and UK in return would reap benefits. But this excitement was not long lived as the idea behind the single market drive was standardization that could no be catered for by the MPR. Therefore, UK led the opposite approach to MPR in including President, Jacques Delors and instead advocated for harmonization or in common language referred to as standardisation.

In effect to harmonisation, European Commission needed to establish standards for each product while ensuring uniform system of compliance. The move for harmonization saw the commission setting up the standards for product quality, health, safety at work, product size and ensured that each national producer in each country changed its products in accordance with the new set standards. Push for harmonization was continued through that expanded the roles and responsibilities EC till when the market comes to full view on 1st January 1993. At this time the market policies in al practiced programmes had totally forgotten the MPR policy. In overseeing the policies implementation, EC have daunting task to be the judge o ensure fair play.

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