Essay: Types of antipsychotic drugs

18 Oct

Essay: Types of antipsychotic drugs

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The two types of antipsychotic drugs, typical and atypical are known to effectively treat schizophrenia’s positive symptoms. According to some researches, it has been noted that the atypical drugs have an added advantage in treating the negative symptoms of the condition. (Leucht, 2003) Researches to prove whether atypical drugs reduce, the chances of side effects have shown that there is no clinical significance to prove it even when they are taken in low doses. It is not a guarantee that a patient will respond positively to any of these drugs.

Treatment-resistant schizophrenia refers to a situation whereby a patient fails to register any significant change after taking more than one type of drug to treat his or her condition. It is important though to note that Kylie was responding positively to treatment and thus she did not show any signs of resistance (Wahlbeck,  Cheine & Essali, 2007).When a patient shows a sign of resistance to medication, clozapine is recommended but it has diverse negative side effects.  Some patients may be unwilling to take their medications regularly but inAmericaandAustraliathere are rules, which allow for forced administration of these drugs if the patient is living peacefully in the society. This shows that depending on where Kylie is residing she can be forced to take her drugs.

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