Essay: Training Activities and didactic methods

19 Oct

Essay: Training Activities and didactic methods

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According to Kraiger and Salas (1997), instructional strategies are set of tools, contents and methodologies which are combined to create an instructional approach. In this connection four best principles should be used to create a efficient instructional strategy: relevancy of concepts to be learned, demonstration of the altitudes, knowledge and skills to be learnt by learners; and feedback provision to instructors after practice and during practicing the skills attained.

The instructional strategy selection is dependant on the instructor, but should choose a variety of strategies to accommodate content delivery, objectives, materials or aids used, and aim to maintain interest of learning.  According to Clarke (2006) adults; in this case all employees are adults, learns best by doing and learning and working in a non-threatening, participators, respectful and informal environment. The following are core issues in organization training activities and didactic methods

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