Essay: Use of thermite grenades in war

18 Oct

Essay: Use of thermite grenades in war

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The Task Force A rangers was forced to land on the Eastern part and successfully mounted the cliffs that are found at Pointe du Hoc in thirty minutes after their landing. However, on reaching the top, they discovered that the fire-arms that they were expected to destroy were missing[1].

They had supposedly been shifted to the inland at a certain time. Nevertheless, they were later found in an orchard and destroyed by Sergeants Lomell and Jack Kuhn. They used thermite grenades to that met down the mechanism hence rendering the guns useless. For the remaining hours of the day as well as in the night, and the following two days, these rangers persisted and kept watch on the Pointe in an effort to counter any attacks that were expected from the Germans[2].

[1] Bradley, 2002.p. 68

[2] Hakim, 1995, pp.67-72.

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