Essay: The use of green technology-World’s realization

11 Oct

Essay: The use of green technology-World’s realization

Sample Essay

It was until 1970s when the world realized the need to come up with green building. This reality pushed for establishment of environment friendly buildings whose function is not to house people and their properties but also to used energy in the most efficient and sustainable manner (Sobha, 2008, p. 27). Installation of either active or passive solar panels on rooftops gives a good example of a green building.

Such a building provides lighting and possibly cooking energy without having any negative impact on the environment since it used the sun, which is renewable. It is around the same building that other conservation efforts can be attached. For example planting trees around the house to reduce the impact at which the surface run off creates on the ground soil. This reduces soil erosion and rids the soil of other toxic chemicals that can be utilized by the plants.

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